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A difficult site is a challenge but it can also lead to a creative design solution, that was the case with this new house.  The land was marketed with an engineer's site plan showing the house location close to the road on a level spot between two tall ledgy hills. While buildable here it was not very appealing as the house would have been in the shadows and dwarfed by the topography. Instead the house was designed to go on top of one of the rocky hills with a cascade of architecture and terraces that marry it to the spot. From here it is sun filled with a broad view to the lawn below, a far better vantage point than what was proposed. 


A New House 


Centerbrook, CT

At Scot Samuelson Architect, LLC, we believe that designing exceptional houses begins with understanding the land and how to work with it. We specialize in architecture that is crafted

to fit with the land and its specific characteristics.

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